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To Fear Or Not To Fear


These are very powerful words.  However, I don’t agree when they say,” I am not shackled by fear or insecurity or doubt.” For, various times I find myself being fearful, insecure, or doubtful.  I believe it’s not wrong to feel fearful or doubtful.  My mentor, Todd Reinhard, says that it’s okay to feel fearful or insecure, as it is a universal and powerful characteristic.  I second his views, for after knowing that it’s alright to experience these strong emotions it has been a great relief.  I no more feel regretful or guilty if I am in a fearful or insecure state.

In other words, it may not be possible to feel strong always, but it may be wrong to dwell on the fear or doubt.  Perhaps, there are days when we feel down because we have doubted our own abilities.  Nonetheless, we need to face the fear sooner or later.  The negativity will kill us.  So, we are better off tackling the fear than getting bogged down.  What do you have to say?

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  1. I agree to what you are putting out in the open. We often are consumed by are fear but we tend to not show it to the others. Our self-confidence is broken because we fear and tend to not show it.

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