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Training at 60

Here is a video of Nick Nimmo who is 60 years young.  He says that he has a limited shoulder mobility and flexibility after he fell off a ladder and had a major rotator cuff injury.  Although below the video you will see him promoting Awaken Adult Gymnastics and how it helped him to progress, there are three paramount messages to take home.

Firstly, you can train physically at any age.   You need to simply possess the right mindset.  I know that you will give me several reasons not to train—I am short of time, I have an injury, I am fat, I have diabetes, I have high blood pressure, I am always low in energy, etc.  Click here to know about  other reasons not to gym.  However, we very well know that there are several of them who have proved us wrong.  Several old men and women train and have continued to train vigorously.  You will find numerous examples right here in the blog.  You can even find several videos in YouTube.

Secondly, you can and should workout even while you are injured.  I have stumbled upon many men who gave up training because they were injured.   Injury while physical training is a very common sight.  However, physical training not only helps you to recover soon from the injury but also is beneficial psychologically.  Nonetheless, you should be smart enough to train in a way where you will not aggravate the injured part.  Moreover, a physical injury is very common in the present lifestyle. Although we are not into manual labor we often get injured, for we possess physically weak bodies.  We have weak lower back (excessive sitting), weak core strength, weak immune system, etc.  Several of this can be addressed appropriately if we are physically strong.  What is the way out?  You have to train physically—vigorously and get strong.

Lastly, you can lose weight at any age.  Nick, who is 60 years old, has lost 30 pounds at this age.    Why can’t you?  However, note that physical training and healthy eating goes hand in hand.  In other words, you most likely eat unhealthy food if you don’t train physically due to lack of awareness.

PS:  Last but not the least, you will see him executing human flag and front lever.  On the flip side, I am  practicing the front lever since 5 months.  Believe me it is a very difficult drill.  It is humbling to know that a 60 year old man performs the movement with finesse.

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