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Training Outdoors On Fridays

It’s been almost more than 9 years that we head to the ground on Fridays.  Working out outdoors is immensely invigorating.  For the same reason, I always make it a point not to miss the Friday drills.

I especially like the sprints that we perform for 5 sets or so.  Sprinting never ceases to amaze us, for each time we execute it we are humbled by it.  Sprinting sounds and is a very simple form of exercise, however, it is grueling each time we carry out it.  Perhaps, since we compete against each other we tend to give our best and that brings the best in us.

Last but not the least, the tug of war is another game which I don’t like to miss.  Every time, just like the sprint it brings the best in you.  The competitiveness it brings is unmatched.  You require a heart of steel to excel in it.  The tug of war though a physical game is extremely mental.  After several seconds or after a minute when your body starts giving up, it is your mind which takes over.  You may either give up or withstand the force.

On a similar note, One of my gym clients and I discussed the energizing factor of working out outdoors and agreed upon how stimulating it can be.  Do you not believe me?  Get outdoors and see for yourself.



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