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Training Rant.

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • January 24, 2012

It has been two months since I began practicing the power-movements. I still have three weeks to complete the cycle. After I studied The Purposeful Primitive, I was deeply influenced and tempted to build strength and power. And yes I have to tell you that I enjoyed the journey to the fullest. Though eating more calories, which is a prerequisite to gaining strength, is a painful task.

After three weeks, as planned I will venture into a fat-burning mode. Though I have gained some strength, I have also gained fat on my midsection. From the year 2005, when I competed in bodybuilding, I have been more inclined towards possessing a lean physique. In some manner, working towards maintaining a lean physique left my workout undirected. Now, on the contrary, engaging in gaining strength has brought freshness and the direction I needed.

Burning fat will require my regimen to deviate a little from what I do now. My strength training regimen will be intensified in a different manner. I will also perform high-intensity interval routines. In other words, I will have to increase my work capacity to create the calorie deficit necessary for burning fat.

On the flipside, I must also be ready to experience a dip in my strength levels. Most of the strength coaches fail to state that whenever we lose fat we correspondingly lose strength. Strength training novices are the exception, for they can gain strength and lose fat at the sametime. Moreover, I don’t indulge in cutting way too many calories to burn fat, for it would further drain my strength level.

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