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Training Rant.

After many months of not squatting and dead lifting due to a knee injury, I today dead lifted 350 pounds for a single rep on the sumo dead lift. I have actually dead lifted more than this. Four hundred and twenty pounds being my best lift. Well, I know that the poundage I speak about may look puny to a power lifter, who will fare far better than this. But training for maximum strength is the way I have always wished to train– moving big weights for lesser repetitions. The elevated feeling and the confidence you obtain after a heavy lift is unmatched. It is like you have all the power and strength to conquer the whole world. Nobody can take that away from you.

Allow me to speak about my injuries, as they have forced me to reexamine and restructure my regime. Off late, I have stumbled upon many injuries. As I have stated above, the knee injury was a big one, for it took its own sweet time to recover. I then injured my right elbow. It actually was not a training injury, but an injury that occurred because of my awkward sleeping style. Lastly, for the first time in my training history I hurt my left wrist, which took a couple of months to recover.

Fortunately, now I am training injury free, but I very well know that any injury can creep in at anytime. An injury to an athlete will always be awaiting him as his own shadow. The flipside of training is injuries, and we better learn to embrace it.

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