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Tug Of War and Rugby.

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • December 16, 2010

The tug of war and the rugby matches both were won by the evening batch.  They were at their best this time around.  They were fired up to win both the events.  When it comes to tug of war, I believe the most important thing is to possess a very aggressive attitude towards the game.  You have to give your best and if your effort slacks even  for a second, that would be the  deciding factor of the match.  The morning batch truly lacked the fire to be at their best.

When it came to the rugby match, the evening batch looked much fitter this time and they were covering the ground with ease.  The morning batch men though tried their best were unable to pass the ball, for they were tackled much easily by the evening batch guys who were ready for the task at hand.  To add to the woes of the morning batch, most of the evening batch guys were taller, for that made the task more difficult, as the demand of the hour for the morning batch was to be very cautious while passing the ball, but most of them buckled in the situation.

I  would have felt better if all the three rugby matches would have had a closely finished, for both the teams from a fitness perspective matched each other, but when it came to tactics and man management the morning batch men lacked the  wherewithal.

Kudos to the evening batch, and I wish better luck next time for the morning batch.

4 thoughts on “Tug Of War and Rugby.

  1. Vishwa,

    It was really superb match to play … which really tested our efficiency, thanks for all the support and suggestion given by ‘U'(guru) . Team churned out to the changes …
    Kudos guys 🙂

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