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Turkish Get Up

This is one movement which I love but hate to perform.  On a similar note, several of my gym clients find it very boring.  Why?  How?  Whenever I ask them to perform the Turkish getup, I can sense the sadness in them.   However, few of my gym clients, on the flipside, enjoy executing them, for they know its effectiveness.  It grinds the whole body just like a compound lift such as squat or deadlift, and you get tired executing it unknowingly.

This movement continues to challenge me to the very core–the cerebral ataxia makes the workout demanding.  Moreover, I am never feel comfortable with this movement even after repeated efforts.  However, the benefit you derive from the get up is multitude.  It challenges your core, shoulder stability, flexibility in general and conditioning.


In the picture below you can see several of my gym clients performing the drill methodically.


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