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Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes is advancing at an alarming rate in India. In fact, India has the highest number of diabetics of any one country in the entire world. Why do you think Indians are suffering from this deadly and silent killer? The answer is not a brain teasing puzzle but a straightforward answer. Indians consume excess carbohydrates, and this intrusion causes utter devastation.

Agreed that the majority of Indian rural population consume high carbohydrates, and it is essential for them. They toil in the fields from morning till evening. However, the big question is why does our urban populace consume the same amount of carbohydrates? The lifestyle we dwell on doesn’t demand a high carbohydrate intake. Does all day sitting in front of the computer require that? Nevertheless, it is a different story if you are obligated to perform manual labor.

Reduce your carbohydrate consumption. You can better regulate your insulin levels. The higher the carbohydrate consumption the higher will be the insulin levels. A higher insulin level for a prolonged period is the primary reason for the onset of diabetes. Devastation begins there if you don’t control your blood sugar levels. Sooner or later you can damage your kidneys, heart, brain, eyes, etc.

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