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Use of Knee Sleeves

What are knee sleeves? They are knee caps used by strength trainers to wrap their knees. They are used to increase the joint temperature while working out. They are made from material similar to diving, or surfing wet-suits.

Ian King, the world renowned strength coach, says, “Knee sleeves are not tight and therefore don’t increase the load lifted. But they serve to increase and maintain knee joint temperature – this is vital! They should go on before the general warm-up and stay on until the end of the workout.”

It has been many years since I read the book Get Buffed authored by Ian King. When I read the portion on wearing knee sleeves, it had not made any sense to me, whatsoever. It was my initial years of training. Injuries and keeping away from injuries was not even casually considered. But now, fortunately, recovering from debilitating injuries compels me to consider the injury preventing methods employed.

Moreover, a master of the trade–Ian King says that to be critical. It is foolish not to accede.

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