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Vicky Pereira, Thanks A Ton.

I would like to thank Vicky Pereira, for graciously accepting my request, yesterday, to teach us some of the basic kettle bell lifts. Vicky has trained under a RKC (Russian kettle bell challenge) instructor, who had come to Hyderabad from Israel to conduct the classes. I had doubted the ability of Vicky to teach us the handling of a kettle bell. Moreover, I was basking in the glory of being a coach for many years, for I had read books and watched various videos on operating a kettle bell, but he truly proved me wrong. For he had apparently mastered the lifts. Besides, though I had thought that operating a kettle bell involved a great deal of technical perfection just like learning the Olympic lifts obtaining a hands on experience was a blessing. In addition, the genuine composure which Vicky conducted himself was a treat to watch, and I envied him. For, I wish I conducted myself the way he does.

Firstly, it was a formal introduction about the kettle bells origin, and then he taught us the two handed swing. The two handed swing, as Vicky suggested, is the basic lift which one has to master to progress to other lifts such as the one handed swing, clean, and snatch. Meanwhile, he also taught us some remedial measures which would help us to us our hips appropriately to master the swing. Lastly, it was the kettle bell Turkish getup for the taking. As I had imagined, the Turkish getup involved various steps to complete a single rep. All the above mentioned lifts could not have been taught in a better way, for I again sincerely thank Vicky for extending his helping hand.

PS: I was a fool not to film the instruction.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words. I was quite happy to share my knowledge with you at your excellent gym. I must also congratulate you on actively bringing tools like kettlebells, sandbags, sleds, etc into your gym. This puts your gym light years ahead of other places filled with machines and other useless paraphernalia.

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