Walk The Talk

As a practice to improve my writing skills, I write on paper frequently.  I usually write a page or two—copy from a book titled Writing Down the Bones.  It’s a book written by Natalie Goldberg, which speaks about writing skills.  I chose this book, for the sentences are crisp and precise.  I believe writers, in general, should follow this rule.   In one of the chapter of the book Natalie says about writing that learn writing by doing it.  She also says, “I had a lovely fat friend once who decided he wanted to start exercising.  He went to a bookstore to find a book so he could read about it!  You don’t read about exercise to lose weight.  You exercise to lose those pounds.

On a similar note, I stumble upon many men who know the nitty-gritty about exercise.  However, when it comes to practically applying their knowledge and doing it they lack miserably.  What I say to them is walk the walk.   It is nuisance when you simply blab, so show me what you can do.  Let the talk do the walk.

I know knowledge is at your fingertips and that a Google will answer all your questions.  However, also know that too many cooks spoil the broth.  Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing in this era, for this age is of free information.  Moreover, research says that information overload can be misleading and may also lead to bad decision.  Likewise, know your source.  In the beginning I read bodybuilding magazines like Flex and Muscle and Fitness.  I sincerely thought these books were the way to build a better body.   However, these magazines merely possessed endless advertisements for various nutritional products.  The remaining pages which spoke about exercise science and nutrition were simply repetitive and deceptive, to say the least.

However, I am fortunate to secure my fitness certification from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).  I was introduced to real strength coaches and fitness experts.  Moreover, I met the most important man in my life—Todd Reinhard.  He transformed my way of thinking and helped me to ponder and distinguish between the substantial and the insignificant.  To my surprise, I still find several worthless so called fitness experts to lead the race.  Truly, the extraordinary fitness experts hardly take the center stage.

Moreover, I believe, appearance can be deceptive.  We assume that a famed bodybuilder is the way to build a better body.  We consider him to possess all the know-how when it comes to bodybuilding and nutritional knowledge.   What about fitness experts who author books about training by working in the trenches?  What about nutritional experts who know the nitty-gritty about cutting edge and performance nutrition?  What an irony!!  However, I am not suggesting that a bodybuilder may not know about the science of bodybuilding.  Perhaps, if we delve deeper we can find fitness experts who really matter.

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