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Wanna Play Rugby

Why play is important? Moreover, why do we like to play? Several of my gym clients look forward to Friday outdoor activities. Specially, they like to play–rugby. Why? Before answering this allow me to introduce to a book titled Play. It is written by Stuart Brown M.D. He has extensively researched the importance of play and has come into these conclusions.

Apparent Purposelessness

He says that the first quality of play that sets it off from other activities is its apparent purposelessness. Though we play the games by rules, I believe the joy of purposelessness comes in foremost.


Secondly, it is voluntary. Not obligatory or required by duty.


Thirdly, we are inherently attracted to it. Stuart Brown says, “its fun. It makes you feel good. It provides psychological arousal. It is cure for boredom.”

Freedom from time

Fourthly, and I believe the most important of them all is its freedom from time. Brown says, “When we are fully engaged in play, we lose a sense of the passage of time. We also experience diminished consciousness of self. We stop worrying about whether we look good or awkward, smart or stupid. We stop thinking about the fact that we are thinking.”

Improvisational Potential and Continuation Desire

Lastly, Plays improvisational potential and continuation desire. Improvisational potential means that we are not locked into exact way of doing things. We are open to opportunities. Continuation desire is not want to stopping it.

I endorse the views of Brown. I believe several of my gym clients who join us on Fridays agree with the above properties of play. I see all of them laughing, immersed, keen, and feeling timeless. In other words, all of them are a different self. No constraints, whatsoever

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