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Wasting time


This message sounds so philosophizing, but isn’t it true? To “live in the present” sounds so easy, but isn’t it really difficult? An oxymoron indeed. Similarly, I wish I had it in me to not waste time. I am a culprit of wasting my time. I am a culprit who has continued to drool over the so called future that is never going to come. Ross Enamait says, “Many people don’t give each day enough credit. In their eyes, tomorrow has more potential than today.” This statement is a slap on my face, as I have always lived by this belief that is misguided.

As it is said in this wonderful message, “The clock is running.” It will continue to run. As the old adage says, “It is now or never.” I sincerely wish that I will do something about not wasting time and make use of it in a more constructive way.

PS: Thanks to Ross, for posting this wonderful message in his blog.

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