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Water Or aerated Drink?

Perhaps, we think that water is not very precious.  On the flipside, we feel aerated drinks are superior. Moreover, holding a bottle or cup of soft drink looks charming.   I believe they are not superior, however, they are fancier.   Ironically, a bottle of Pepsi looks elegant than a bottle of water. Moreover, anything which you buy paying more is invariably thought to be better–healthier.  But, this might not be true to you chagrin.  Just because basmati rice is decoratively packed doesn’t mean it is healthier than the bland brown rice.  Although nowadays brown rice also comes with beautiful packing but is also loosely available.  Likewise, home grounded whole wheat flour is much healthier than the commercially available wheat flour.

This again boils down to the same question.  Whether it is food or food product?  Anything which comes with attractive packing is a food product.  Avoid it.  Anything that comes in variable quality and requires cooking is authentic food.  Go for it.11855779_1179151175445141_3603337550895418033_n (1)

2 thoughts on “Water Or aerated Drink?

  1. Hi Vishwa, as well all know the ill effects of sugar in soft drinks , but how about sparkling water? Does this have any side effect?

  2. Sparkling water is carbonated water. It was said that cola and other soft/carbonated drinks effected the bone density, which is true. However, no study is linked to mineral loss because of consuming carbonated water. Nonetheless, it causes gas and heartburn, and heartburn if it occurs frequently can be hazardous.

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