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Weightlifting Championship.

Senior National Weightlifting Championship was held in Bangalore from March 23rd to 27th.  Few of my gym clients and I went to the Championship on the 26th of March.  The men’s 94 kilo category was a mouthwatering event of that day.  It was followed my women’s weightlifting which kept us gaping, for women were snatching 70 kilos and above with quite an ease.

Manjith Singh of Jharkand was the man who won the 94 kilo category in snatch.   The overall title (snatch and the clean and jerk) was won by Chandrakanth of the services.  I was fortunate to film some of the lifts, as at this point of time in my weight training career I am eager to learn the snatch and adopt the lift into my training regime.  After all these months of learning the snatch I still feel that I am scratching the surface;  whereas, these champs who all had gathered in the Championship were executing the snatch just like it was their second nature.  We should salute to the coaches who train these athletes.

Last but not the least, do you know the prize money given to the best lifter in the event?  A mere 10,000 rupees.  Do you know how many of them had turned up to watch the event?  Perhaps 100 of them. I don’t know when the government is going to wake up from its deep slumber, for the disparity shown among sporting events is humongous.  Why this blind eye towards other sporting events?  It is high time the government and the people of India start encouraging  other sporting events.

I hope you watch the adjoining video which shows the champs in action.

8 thoughts on “Weightlifting Championship.

  1. Yes Brother, I definitely agree. CWG showed that India can produce wonderful athletes but unfortunately they are overshadowed by which I need not mention.

  2. Good post Vishwa!! Unfortunately could make it up to watch it.
    Well I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the prize money pathetic!! I feel like spurting more venom but as of now will keep them under wraps.
    Catch you on Sunday for some interesting discussion and to improve my learning curve as well!!

  3. okay the second line “not” is missing!! I meant it to be “Unfortunately could not make it up to watch it.”

  4. I understood what you told, Sujay. Well, friend, I do have a lot to learn from you as well. As always I am on the hunt to learn more. I am eager to talk to you guys.

  5. our indian government ,karnataka government will encourage to third class games where big choots like vijay mallaya will be sponsor example,cricket.indian government ,especally karnataka government is a third class govt it knows to encourage only fashion shows,movies.will hope for the best were indian govt will encourage for weight lifiting ,sprinting,hockey,swimming,volley ball,basket ball.

  6. Dear Vishwa,
    The video makes one awe struck and at the same time angry at the apathy show by our Governments in failing to encourage true athletes of this calibre. I sincerely hope that we Indians deaddict ourselves of the game of cricket and encourage these wonderful athletic events, since we cannot change the attitudes of the people in power. It is my earnest request to you to propagate the importance of physical endurance may be by holding camps for the younger generation during the vacations. I hope you will consider this request favourably.

    with regards,

    Dr.Balaji rao

  7. I will do my best, sir. In fact, I am on the process to hold a seminar in a college. Perhaps, this will be the starting point.

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