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What are telomeres?

I don’t know what you will make out of this pictorial presentation. Well, the take home message I believe is if I can do it at this age so can you.

This photo, however, reminds me of a blog entry that I had written about telomeres. It suffices to say that telomere arguably is considered as one of the main reason that dictates aging. In other words, shortened telomeres represent aging. Perhaps, the telomere of the old man in the photo has a long telomere. There are also innumerable instances where older men/women have thrived because of regular exercising.

It is found in scientific studies that physical activity such as running, cycling, and lifting weights have longer telomeres than subjects 10 years younger, who exercise occasionally. Telomere length does in fact decrease with age. Women and men who are physically active, however, have long telomeres than those who are sedentary.

So, exercise regularly and age gracefully. Moreover, never think that silent killers (diseases) such as blood pressure and diabetes are bound to occur sooner or later. If you perform vigorous exercise regularly the stated diseases cannot annoy you. I place great emphasize on these diseases, for they in turn are the cause for heart, kidney, brain and many more major ailments.

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