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What did You Say that You Lacked?

Folks, this is Niranjan Pande. He is 27 years old. He lost a whopping 18 kilograms of body fat in a span of 6 months. He, however, is not from my gym. I would see him on every Friday in the ground. You should all know that Fridays we hold outdoor workouts in the nearby ground. I would see an almost obese Niranjan relentlessly working/ running to lose weight. He was focused, and his intense look resonated that he was pretty serious.

In the month of April, perhaps, I chatted with him and showered a lot of praise on his achievement. It seemed and I felt that that he found running as a great tool to lose fat and to be fit and healthy; in other words, someone who is passionate to run. I urged him to participate in the recently held 10 kilometer running race. He accepted my offer and ran the race in an hour.

He now proudly shows his 10 kilometer running race photo that was featured in the Times of India daily newspaper. I have attached that photo for you to view. He is the one who is right in the middle wearing an orange T shirt. I also have posted his before and after pictures. I regret for posting a passport size photo. You can, however, make out the transformation.

My previous blog entry speaks about motivation. Now, this is what I call is motivational.

Marathon world 10k

Niru 1

niru 2

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