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What do I have to say about gymming?

What is said in the posture is indeed true for us, gymmers. Moreover, when I had embraced bodybuilding, as the last slogan says, soreness(pain), wrongly, was thought to be an indicator for growth. Nonetheless, even now I enjoy being sore. Perhaps, it is the same with gymmers. I believe they can relate to what is said.

The first slogan that says that “working out is my partying” sounds perfect. I vividly remember when I had abandoned my friend’s midway while we were watching a movie(Mighty Joe Young) and in another instance when our college annual function was held. At that point of time, working out in the gym was important, partying, to me. When I recollect those times, I believe I was a little crazy. I, however, have no regrets.

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