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What Frank Forencich Says

The excerpt from the book Exuberant Animal is thought-provoking. I believe we all have to acknowledge and contemplate on what the author, Frank Forencich, says.

He says, “Remember, the people who visit our gyms, studios and practice fields are more than muscle tissue in need of resistance and aerobic pumping; they are also spiritual creatures in need of expression. This is why the spreadsheet-driven clip-board-accountant model of physical education often misses the mark. It’s obvious that we need lots of vigorous movement for cardiovascular health and muscle development, but if we deprive students of their voice, we also kill their love of the process. When data rules the day, expression disappears and so does participation.”

“The moral to this story is simple: make expression a part of your life and fitness. Get your story out into the world. Say it, tell it, move it, sing it, paint it, play it. Let your voice out. Your body will love you for it.”

“By telling our story, in words, pictures or movement, we lower our stress hormones and boost immunity.” We all need holistic nourishment–and that nourishment comes from self expression. So, express yourself in many ways to nourish your body. This will lead to better functionality.

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