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What Is Special At Ironcult?

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • March 18, 2009

Now, to answer the question which I posed assuming myself to be an interested client who wants to join the gym, I am actually very proud to introduce different training modalities at Ironcult. At the top of the list would be Sandbags of different weight, a water ball, and many body weight exercises.
The sandbags have interestingly taken the center stage at Ironcult. This is perhaps because of my inclination towards the bag. I somehow find working out with a sandbag to be extremely taxing. Holding an uneven object involves the whole body in a very unique way and gives the biggest bang for the buck. I use these words because experts in fitness science have always insisted the use of multijoint movements and them to be the cornerstone of our training routines. The reason behind their assertion is that multijoint movements such as squat, deadlift, clean and press, bench press, and pullups all do recruit maximum muscle fiber and maximize tension thereby inducing growth in the body. Sandbags also involve the major muscle groups, core musculature, and stabilizers to overcome the resistance. There is a fighting kind of attitude involved when we are working out on a sandbag, as the resistance applied by the bag is entirely different from that of a barbell or a dumbbell. So, we actually battle against the baGg
The waterball concept I took from Ross at It is another great modality where we can carry the ball, clean and press, and also shoulder it for times. Finally, there are many body weight exercises involved in our routines which are quiet unique at Ironcult. Some may come to get buffed, or some may come to get lean and loose fat. Each will have a different routine to perform for the desired result. Since the choices of exercise are many because of the different training modalities, the workouts never bore us to death. I have come to experience that variety too plays an important role for further adaptation. They say “variety is the spice of life.” It is very true when it comes to physical training.
Now, you should know why you should join Ironcult. It is not the “variety” factor which should attract you, but that the regimes are result oriented.

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