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What, Joe Stockinger is 82 Years Old?

This is supremely inspiring. Joe Stockinger is 82 years old. He has been powerlifting in the Canadian Powerlifting Union for over 25 years. It means that he embraced this sport after he was 50 years old.

Moreover, the weights he lifts will embarrass you. HA! It did embarrass me. On a positive note, this is what resistance training can do to you. Isn’t it heartening to watch a man who is 82 years old move weights with panache? I meet people who are petrified to lift weights. They somehow feel that it is not for them to lift weights. What better example do you need?

Lastly, this is called aging gracefully. Even at this ripe age you can tend to your needs if you are physically strong. So plan it carefully. Embrace physical activity. You will never regret. You should know that physical activity can ward off many diseases. When you are leading an active lifestyle, your body fat will continue to remain on the lower side. Excess body fat, obesity, can lead to many killer diseases.

Come on, get your arse up and get moving. Shine forth!

Watch the video.

3 thoughts on “What, Joe Stockinger is 82 Years Old?

  1. WOW! but don’t you think this is an exceptional case? will all 82 year olds who have been weight training for long be able to to execute something so fantastic?

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