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What, Nourishment Through Movement is it?

As discussed in the book Exuberant Animal authored by Frank Forencich, the first and foremost form of nourishment is edible nourishment. Edible food is the tangible food that we consume on a daily basis to survive. This doesn’t surprise us to say the least. Well, the second nourishment that the author states is called kinetic nourishment—movement and physical activity. Can you believe that movement and exercise is also an integral part of life sustenance? Our bodies, specifically tissues, need physical stress just as you need proteins, fats, and carbohydrates on a regular basis. The author rightly says, “It is no exaggeration to say that vigorous physical movement is food.”

Why do you think then physical movement that is an integral component of life become foreign? Several factors went wrong with continued inventions. Inventions were supposed to make life easy. On the flipside, however, they also made us to sloth. Physical activity took a back seat; whereas, mental activity took the center stage. We are now forced to work (mentally) 24/7. Moreover, the workplace anxieties come with us because with modern communication technologies, work accompanies us wherever we go.

However, we should know that physical activity like food is a fundamental requirement. Why? When muscle tissue is challenged it responds with growth and increased neural drive. Likewise, when bones are loaded repeatedly, they increase their mineral density. Well, all these stated factors are needed for a fit and strong body.

Possessing a fit and strong body thus becomes essential to survive, as Charles Darwin had rightly said that its the survival of the fittest.  So nourish your physical body through movement and not food alone.

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