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What, Women Lift Weights At Ironcult?

The adjoining video, which was filmed in the gym yesterday is an example to show that even women can weight train.  I know that many of you would be thinking that lifting weights by women folk is needless.  You should know that weight training by far is one of the most efficient means for women to lose weight and be shapely.  Moreover, women cannot build muscle the way men do.  I have discussed about it several times earlier, and I would like to brief here that women lack the much needed hormone–testosterone–which they possess in a lesser degree in relation to men to build muscle.

I have been an aggressive proponent of weight training from the day I learnt that weight training when performed properly would benefit one and all.  It was difficult to draw attention in the earlier days, as women never showed up in my gym, for aerobics seemed to be the rage.  A noticeable number of women now frequent the gym, and many of them continue to reap the benefits of weight training.

For example,  Madhuri and Roopa, who feature in the video frequent the gym earnestly.  They both have lost considerable amount of fat in the recent times.  By the way, as you can see in the video they have approximately deadlifted–trap bar–180 pounds including the bar.

PS: If permitted, I would like to post their before and after pictures in the coming days.

5 thoughts on “What, Women Lift Weights At Ironcult?

  1. Excellent effort by the ladies.
    I think you should highlight the fact that no straps were used as well.

    One thing from the video was i felt the ladies should be squatting a bit more at the bottom of the lift.
    Especially the second person it looked more towards a stiff legged lift.

    Keep up the hard work!! You will get there!!

    1. Yeah, Sujay, they have to squat more. It was quite heavy for them. You know that when the bar is heavy the technique may have some glitches. Anyway, thanks for the appreciation. It will be better if you can post your comment in the blog. These ladies will feel glad.

  2. Great going Madhuri and Roopa!!!


    Truly inspiring video!! It is not that easy to lift such a heavy bar. They both have done a great job!!!
    Hope I will also do it someday!!

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