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”When There is Money to be Made, Quality Suffers.”

I typically read articles written by Charles Poliquin.  In fact, I pay the monthly renewal fees to Charles, as I have signed up to his private membership called the “Dojo membership.”  I get to read articles and watch videos covering varied topics—strength and conditioning, fitness science, bodybuilding, nutrition and their associated latest research.  I am proud to say that a certain part of my earnings goes toward learning—books, hiring online trainers, attending workshops, buying fitness related courses and videos.  It’s difficult to express in words how these sources have enriched my life.  I am very much indebted to them.  To measure the significance of learning only through money sounds vulgar to me.

I stumbled upon an article written by Charles, today in Facebook.  In that article he pointed to the pros and cons of a Cross-fit gym.  Although Charles has good views about cross-fit, he did point towards some of the pitfalls of this gym.  He also made a general statement about the basic laws of economics.  He says: “When there is money to be made, quality suffers.” How true!

This is one of the primary reason I haven’t opened branches of Ironcult.  Although I  have had  a few offers. Perhaps, it may fetch me more money but quality of training would go down the drain.  The last thing I want in my gym is a gym client getting injured and thus abandoning gym.  I have seen numerous cases where men get injured and quit gymming.  However, it’s very encouraging to say that clients in my gym hardly get injured.  There are few exceptional cases where things have gone wrong, but I am absolutely sure that my colleagues and I execute our job aptly in teaching the right things at the gym.  For example, I can’t imagine teaching a gym client to round his back while he learns to deadlift.  That’s offensive, by the way.

Make money, but don’t miss out on other opportunities life provides.


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