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Who is Dan John?

I know that you would be deceived by the looks of Dan John, the Author of Never Let Go, who is featured in the adjoining video. But you know that looks can be deceptive, for he has achieved a lot in his life.
He has been teaching and coaching over thirty years. As his biography states, “In his athletic career, among many other championships and records, Dan has won the Master Pleasanton Highland Games Twice, American Master Discus Championships several times, the National Weightlifting Championship once and holds the American Record in the Weight Pentathlon.”
Also the context in which he is speaking about goal setting is different from what I have stated in my previous blog. But, I just wanted you all to know who the man is. Also, if you can note, he states the importance of his journals being very important in his lifting and competing career. He simply states, “They mean a ton.” In addition, he stresses the importance of the path than the goal. And the importance of learning, for he is not ashamed to proclaim that he is still learning new concepts from other trainers like Pavel Tsatsouline though he is over 50 years. Just listen to him, for he is simply throwing gems at you, which will help you for a lifetime.
In the second video, you can watch him compete at the 2007 Brian Oldfield Highland Games.
I hope you enjoy.

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