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Who is Dr Mel Siff?

I have stated Dr Mel Siff’s name in my previous entries several times. You have might have all been wondering who this man is? And why is that I quote him frequently in my writing? My answer to this query is because I am indebted to him, as he has enkindled in me to understand many concepts relating to fitness science in an exceptional way which most of the fitness experts I read have failed to do.

Dr Mel Siff was a sport scientist and a biomechanist who specialized in applying these disciplines to enhance human performance, fitness, and injury rehabilitation. His Master degree in Applied Mathematics was awarded suma cum laude (highest honor added to diplomas and degrees for work that is considered to be of highest quality) in brain research. He has presented papers internationally at conferences in sports science, physiology, physiotherapy, sports medicine, psychology, engineering, ergonomics, physical education, linguistics, and communication. He has published widely and lectured in several countries, including the U S A, England, Israel, Australia, and the Far East. He was also a former weightlifter who received university, provincial, and national awards for many years, he was the chairman of the South African national weightlifting team in 1983 and 1984. After several visits to Russia he wrote the magnum opus Super training which is arguably the definitive treatise available on human performance. He died at the age of 59. It is a great loss for the fitness community, as Dr Mel Siff had continued to work tirelessly to expose the myths involved in training and had encouraged others to think analytically, as it will help us all to understand fitness science in a better way.

My deepest gratitude goes towards one of the greatest mind in fitness field: Dr Mel Siff. . It has been many years I have been fascinated with fitness. Meanwhile, to satisfy my hunger relating to fitness science I have read and have been reading numerous books. And, after reading several books I have to state that I have reached the crest of fitness books. Reading Mel Siff’s magnum opus Super training and Facts and Fallacies of fitness, it feels that my much awaited questions regarding fitness and nutrition have all been answered. No matter how many books I read on bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition I still had a sense of void in my questioning mind. But, the perspective which Dr Mel Siff provides is very thought provoking and unparalleled. I am unable to fathom the number of years of research Dr Mel Siff would have dedicated to have completed this encyclopedic books. I have to say that the books written by this man by all means are an eye opener. His works will continue to evoke in us a sense of wonderment and will help us to scrutinize each and every aspect of fitness with our eyes wide open, as he has dwelled deep into the realms of fitness science which is unmatched.

This man will continue to educate us all. Though we have lost him, his legacy will continue to live through his books which will continue to help us in a very important aspect of our lives: Fitness.

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