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Who Is Vineet? Updated.

Well, it has been more than year I posted a blog entry about Vineet. Now, many at the gym look up to him as their role model, for he has done what many think that they cannot achieve. By the way, the previous blog entry featured two pictures of his: Before and after. I now have assembled his pictures and filmed one of his workouts, which you can view below.
As you can watch in the below video, he is able to do pull-ups for repetitions and operates heavy weights on the squat. Imagine a fat slob performing pull-ups. So you see that Vineet (before) couldn’t have lifted his own body weight. Imagine, him performing a pull-up with his earlier body weight, he couldn’t have moved an inch on the pull-up bar, and the heavy squatting would have broke his back and tore his thigh muscles. It is the consistency and persistence, which has paid him off.
The secret to his fat loss is heavy weight training and high intense cardio. So, please never be of the idea that you can lose fat by doing some leisurely movement. Moreover, he has been training injury free since he started lifting weights, for we at the gym execute functional movements and rather spend time on machines.

People at the gym appreciate Vineet’s effort, but I would like to say to you that if he can do it, so can you. It is just the WILL that you need to persist till you attain your goal. And the second half of your battle is won by eating the right food. You will have to clean up your diet for the desired result. It is never a rocket science.

By the way, he is now 74 kilograms, and he was 108 kilograms.

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  1. Seriously sir Vineet is my role model, I personally wanted to known some one who has achieved a major weight loss like vineet so that I could BELIEVE and get motivated.
    Thank you for this article Sir.

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