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Who Is Vineeth?

I had said that I would share a similar story (David Smith) with you. Vineeth is a 19 year old college student whose height is 5.7 and weighed 108 kilos when he enrolled in my gym. Right now, he is 77 kilos which means that he has lost substantial amount of fat in a period of 9 months and that is to say he has lost nearly 68 pounds. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I hardly remembered the way he looked when he started to frequent the gym. Upon my request he brought his before picture, and my gym members and I were both astounded as the difference was and is markedly visible. However, I had earlier thought that this kid like many others would lose his interest and would quit coming to gym sooner or later. To my surprise, he didn’t stop and hung on to enjoy the pain and pleasure of working out.

In the meantime, I had expressed my concern to him that he should take things under control, and that weight should be lost now or it will be never, as I thought once if he secures a job his priorities would change forever and it is very unlikely that he would think about his health and weight. Life unexpectedly turns out to be very busy when we embark into an unknown territory called WORK. I have to reiterate that he, surprisingly, took my words seriously and continued coming to the gym, as I have rarely seen individuals consider their weight to pose a huge problem, for they do not know that it can lead to serious health maladies like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, etc. Blood pressure and diabetes which are termed as silent killers can wreck havoc in our health and well being, and it should be known that obesity plays a major role in contributing to the above mentioned illnesses.

On the contrary to the above stated reasons, I am very happy for Vineeth as he continues to impress me, for he seems to have realized the labor of working out and eating healthy food for better health, well being, and weight management. He diligently frequents the gym which has to be appreciated. Stories of these kinds should not go unnoticed. It is for us to take notice of it and appreciate the work.

Furthermore, I am glad to express that I neither suggested him to take any fat loss pills nor put him under those endless cardio sessions. I instructed him to avoid eating out and see to it that he eats unprocessed food and eats protein in every meal of his. As far as his routines are concerned, I integrate resistance training with high intensity interval training (HIIT) combined with strongman workouts. It is a time-tested approach, as martial artists train much similarly and it has proved beyond any doubt to be the best mode for fat loss. Also, I vividly remember him not able to a single box jump because of his weight, but it is now heartening to watch him do most of the body weight exercises with ease. Above all, what is important is that Vineeth and many others have continued to lose weight which is very gratifying.

By the way,  enjoy watching his before and after pictures.



PS: We neither use nor recommend the usage of fat loss pills and steroids at Ironcult. Fitness building has to be approached from inside-out. Our bodies are temples and thus should be treated justifiably, and we should try to lessen ego’s gratification and not abuse the body by using various chemicals. Bruce Lee says, “Showing off is fool’s idea of glory.” Though Bruce Lee was a world class martial artist, you can identify the humility he carried by observing the above statement. We as individuals will appreciate our efforts either in losing fat or in building muscle if we do it the hard way, as there lies no shortcut. It is time we realize that fitness and health should be a way of life rather thought as something which can be achieved overnight.

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  1. Sir in this list I am also included.when I joined gym i was 94 kilos now i am 83….but not as remarkable loss as veneeth…(hahaha)

    1. Madhu, many have lost around 20 kilos. I cannot mention each and every name. But, yes, ofcourse, the credit also goes to you.

  2. Amazing feat Vineet. Since I see him regularly at the gym, its hard to notice the change in him unless you see the pics. And kudos to you Vishwanthar. It is impossible to achieve success for a pupil unless he finds the right guru!!

  3. that’s why when people ask me “why you go to this gym and not to some fancy Talwarkar’s or something” I say in IRON CULT people actually lose fat.:)

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