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Why cannot you eat the right food without exercise?

Exercise is the primary factor which makes you  stick to healthy eating.  Why?  When you exercise, especially weight train, you are becoming stronger and muscle bound, and that makes you to also think about other lifestyle changes which would compliment in making you more stronger, leaner, and fitter:  A lifestyle change would surely involve eating the right food.  On a similar note,  you cannot consume junk and make huge strides– gaining strength and muscle mass– in the gym.  You are obliged to make healthier food choices.  So, you see that sticking to a healthy eating plan becomes practicable only by exercising.

What happens when you exercise?  You learn a great deal about how your body functions.  You will sooner or later realize what works best for you body in relation to exercise and diet.  When it comes to exercise you will eliminate all the exercises which are not productive and stick to the ones which give the biggest bang for the buck and as far as diet is concerned you will eliminate those foods which is not  serving you any purpose in terms of you getting fit and healthy.

Exercise is a genuine motivating factor when it comes to eating the right nutrients or in other words  exercise plays a major role in positively influencing your diet.  On the contrary, it becomes immensely difficult to stick to healthy eating without exercise, for both–exercise and dieting– go hand in hand.

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