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Why Do I Ask My Gym Clients To Write?

The awareness jotting down your thoughts on a food journal brings  is unmatched.   In other words, it’s a great way to being aware of yourself.  Well, if you don’t believe me listen to the author, Deirdre Barrett, of the book titled Waistland:  The (R)Evolutionary Science behind our Weight and Fitness Crisis. She says, “Recording eating makes it less automatic and sometimes this alone decreases intake or encourages healthier choices.  Some faulty thinking becomes transparent to the client just by writing it down.”  Well, it’s easy to blame it on your genes and say that I don’t eat much but I gain weight.  These, by the way, are self-defeating thoughts which have to be tackled upfront.

In other words, perhaps, as the author says that you can complain by saying that this is the way I always ate or say that these are the foods I grew up with.  However know that your genetics favorably interact with the life changing habits you do.  So, just like your genetics, it’s not impossible for people who have had poor eating habits since childhood to change, nevertheless, it is harder.

Moreover, you might be born with a sluggish metabolism, nonetheless, count on your blessings.  You can feel grateful for possessing a supportive family and great friends.  Yet, we tend to forget our blessings.  As the author says that fate has to grant me eternal bliss.  How immature!

On a similar note, in these twelve years of operating my fitness facility and encountering numerous clients, I have stumbled upon complex cases.  I have noticed several young men, who frequented my gym to gain oodles of muscle.  Meanwhile, these men got lost for a few years in the whirlwind of life and didn’t visit the gym.  Perhaps, they got busy.  For example, many of them were employed and some of them flew away to far off countries to pursue further studies.  A few of them returned back and frequented my gym again.  However, on the flipside, they didn’t come to gain muscle, but this time they paid me to lose the fat they gained from all these years of inactivity.  So, I saw the metamorphosis of an ectomorph (lean type) to an endomorph (carrying more fat).  This is the most confounding finding I have come across.   Nevertheless, several of them were successful in losing the fat and happily got back to their old garb.  I am merely suggesting that with healthy lifestyle changes your sluggish metabolism can be dealt with.

Of course, a slow metabolism is a burden on you, but there are ways to coax it in a favorable way.

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