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Why Is MMA A Rage? Concluding Thoughts.

On the surface, while we had this discussion on MMA it looked like Sammith and sowhardh have a better understanding of the sport.  However, as I dislike the sport I comfortably accepted when others refuted about MMA.


 On the flipside, Sammith, explained about the know-how–technicality of MMA, which is insightful.  But what Sowhardh suggested is beyond that.  He spoke about their lifestyle being a paradox.  Ironically, true indeed!  He said that they might look like mad dogs fighting with each other.  Nonetheless, they lead a highly disciplined lifestyle.  For example, one of my clients suggested that they meditate daily to be super focused.  So, we have to consider the larger picture, and instead of pigeonholing MMA and saying it to be inhuman shows our lack of foresight.


However, this argument speaks only about the dedicated athlete, but not for the men who are looking for instant commercial gains.

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