Why Play?

Several of my gym clients look forward to play tug of war and rugby on Fridays. Nonetheless, it is understandable when some of them don’t want to run-sprint which is grueling, but a game of rugby is always gratifying. So, many wait till the running is over, and then join us for the games. Why?

We all want to go back to the play state. There are several strong reasons for you to involve in the play state. I couldn’t agree more what Frank Forencich says in his thought provoking book—Change your Body Change your World: Reflections on Human Predicament. He says,

“While in play state we’re

Relaxed but energized

Curious, experimental, creative

Engaged, focused, absorbed

Present-oriented, outside of time

Lacking in self-awareness

Awash in the sense of possibility, options, opportunity”

In other words, you want to break loose and break free. Tell me, who on earth wouldn’t want to be liberated? We all want to be free from all the inhibitions-negative baggage. When you feel that you have an outlet to freedom you don’t want to give up. I believe we inherently know that freedom exists when we play. Perhaps, we might not have scientifically questioned ourselves to know the logical reason behind play. However, science confirms the positive outcome of play. It is well known that we always wait for scientific research’s approval. We are not to fret, nevertheless! We have science at our side.

What is the take home message? The play state is an integral component of our wellbeing and health. Perhaps, the following saying is clichéd but the truth is a healthy mind will go hand in hand with a healthy body. What’s more in store is that while in play state you are challenged both mentally and physically. Moreover, when you are energized you are more productive in all other walks of life.

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