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Why using a stop watch is very productive?

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • August 26, 2009

It has been 7 years since I have been training people, and I have found that the more you think deeply about exercise routines the more you come up with fascinating information. However, I have to proclaim that there are different sources which I have leaned on to learn about physical fitness. Pardon me, for I have digressed from the topic of discussion. To pull back things together, let’s discuss about one very important tool in training and in what way a stop watch will help in our exercise routines.

When it comes to winning the fat loss race for any individual, or a fitness enthusiast seeking a fit body, or an athlete who wants to excel in his sport, what differentiates them from others is the intensity factor which plays an important role. In other words, it is TIME which is one of the most important determinants to intensify your workout, and the one which will help in their respective endeavors to succeed. Take for example; running, swimming, resistance training, or performing (HIIT) everything is based on time.

Let’s take running for example. Generally, running is touted to be the best method for fat loss. It is true to a larger extent as many have found it to be productive, but, more importantly, what happens when we time- pace the workout? For example, what if we are asked to sprint 100 meters followed by rest for a minute done for several rounds? It would yield tremendous result. A typical jogging routine say for an hour or so, wouldn’t really help in fat loss whatsoever. As the body gets accustomed to the routine it becomes efficient in burning fewer calories to perform the same work. In addition, this type of low intensity exercise might promote loss of muscle bulk, strength, and power.  I believe I have deviated again, for it is beyond the scope of this topic to discuss about the drawbacks of aerobic training.

Whereas, when you perform the above mentioned routine and tweak it with little changes, it is bound to create wonders in your physique. It is not only running but consider your resistance training routine, when you start taking notice of the rest interval , you will strive to better the workout the next time when you perform the same routine by reducing the rest period. It means that jotting down the routines is a very important tool in a gym parlance. You will understand your regimes better, as you perceive your routines in a very subtle but different way. When you learn to demand less time to complete your exercise routine, you will see that your body looks better sculpted, as you would have lost some amount of fat. Also when we start thinking about creating routines in a time-paced perspective there is a whole lot of possibilities which arise for our taking. It means that we get innumerable choices to change our routines in a very productive way.

Why on earth should we be thinking to change the routines? It is because any newbie will notice results instantly as soon as he/she gets into a resistance training regime. But our body adapts soon to the demands we impose on it and that is when we need to make frequent changes in our routines, for if we do not add variety into our routines we hit a plateau soon, and the apparent fat loss or muscle gain wanes. And INTENSITY if you ask any fitness trainer is the most important factor in determining the effectiveness of a routine. How do you intensify your workouts? The answer is very simple: Buy a stopwatch. TIME as discussed above is one of the best methods to reinforce our exercise routines. For example, perform pushups, jump ropes, burpees, sprinting 100 mts or 400mts for several rounds within a fixed time and record the number o f reps which you obtain, and the next time you perform the same routine try to beat your previous personal record. And do not worry much as the results will be eager to speak to you.

Train smart and enjoy the sweat.

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