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Why You Fail Eating The Right Foods

“The most difficult mind battle is overcoming nutritional habit-force. Food habits are ingrained from childhood and the battle to overcome taste addiction requires subtlety and tact.”
I endorse the views of Marty Gallagher in the book The Purposeful Primitive. Food habits are of course ingrained from childhood. So it is paramount to teach children to eat healthy from early days. You should not only teach them but should also be a good example by consuming the right kind of foods. Overcoming unhealthy food habits that is ingrained from childhood is a difficult task. I have seen numerous people fail.

Children nowadays are greatly pampered. Moreover, the situation is exacerbated by the child’s constant demand to his/her parents to consume alluring food products that are shrewdly marketed. The mere scene of an advertisement will have a mouth-watering effect on the child. With real gusto he demands his parents to purchase the product. In turn, the parent doesn’t want to disappoint the child. So, without a second thought the parent buys the child what they want. Never mind even if the food product is unhealthy. All that matters is that children enjoy themselves. But these food products contain a lot of fat and sugar. The manufacturers want only to please the taste buds of your child—not to improve his health. The irony is that many parents are only too happy for their child is getting chubbier. A Plump looking child is a treat to watch! But excess weight can be a gateway for Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Parents must take responsibility for their childrens eating habits and they themselves must set a good example by eating the right foods. So tell me, what example are you setting by pampering? Instead think about the long term. Teach your children to eat healthy. It will help your child for a lifetime. Stop feeding them food products. As I discussed in a previous blog entry,click here many chemicals are used in these products. A child’s body is not meant to digest them. Say a big “NO” to lays chips, bakery products, chocolates, and biscuits. I know that your child will demand them. Perhaps, you should treat them once in a while, but do not spoil them by feeding them every time they ask. They will thank you at later stage in their lives. For, generally, when they grow up they tend to remember the good things that their parents taught them.

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