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Wim Van Weenen – A 77 year Old Powerlifter and Golden Oldies

Hey Guys, both these videos are going to inspire you. The Golden Oldies tell us about the benefits of lifting weights. What more do you want in life? Weightlifting is bound to help your quality of life, and general well being. If you don’t believe me, then please listen to the oldies stating the benefits of weightlifting.

We should all know that there are seven principles of training. They are also called the Granddaddy Laws. The “Use it or lose it” principle is the one which is relevant to us in this discussion. We should also know that it takes a lot less time to lose it than it does to gain it. The above statement is in reference to muscle strength and mass. For example, years of lifting weights would have increased our strength and muscle mass which can be lost very easily with in a very short period. Moreover, for us to be in good health we need to stick to the fitness regime we are into.
The man in the first video is Wim Van Weenen, who is 77 years old. I will love to be as fit as him in that age. In the second video, you can see a beautiful lady deadlifting and enjoying the benefits of lifting. Enjoy the videos, Brothers.

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