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Women Get Muscular Lifting Weights?

An undying myth which is immortal—Women will get bulky and muscular lifting weights.  I came across the below statement written by Al Kavado in his book titled Raising The Bar.   He jovially says, “Women being afraid that pull-ups will make you too muscular is like being afraid that reading books will make you too smart; it’s really just an excuse for those who aren’t willing to make the effort.  Sadly, this misguided notion prevents many females from achieving their potential.”

Similarly, my wife is working out—strength training since few years, infrequently.  However, she has been regularly lifting weights since one year or so.  Ha!  On the flipside, I have never felt that I have married a man with huge muscles, but have seen a woman who has lost oodles of fat and become shapely.  If you think that weight training has made you bulky and muscular why would I teach my wife to lift iron?  Moreover, how come few women who visit my gym have not got muscular after lifting weights?

Strength training is an integral part in my gym and it will remain so.  This is what I was taught at International sports Sciences Association where I am a certified fitness trainer.   Moreover, the numerous books I read on fitness science continue to affirm the same.  Also, the same suggestion would be endorsed by strength coaches around the world.  Be it a man or woman, strength training has to take the center stage.  Nevertheless, I have heard that several dance aerobics instructors compel their clients not to lift weights.  You don’t know why?  You become muscular they say!  How true!  Nothing can be farther from the truth, however.

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