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Words of Wisdom From Paulo Coelho

Well, I have nothing much to say. All I can say is Paul Coelho makes an excellent point. He asks you to be conscious of your every deed because everything you do in life will leave a mark. Apply the same principle to physical exercise and make it your daily chore. It will definitely leave a permanent mark, which you will never forget and cherish forever. When you have health on your side, you can dream of doing anything. You, however, neglect your health and take it for granted. Alas! You have all the money and comforts but don’t have the health to enjoy your life, for you are busy frequenting doctors—irony.

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  1. Every time I get a mail from Iron Cult, it is life-changing inputs that I get. Even as a casual read, it makes one think of its content, and invariably, a change for the better comes in, over a period of time. That is the influence it wields. I certainly am more mind and body conscious today than I was, say, two years ago. And the credit goes to Vishwanthar, via Iron Cult. Thank you so much. Keep it going!

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