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Words of Wisdom

  • By Vishwanthar on Health

  • March 4, 2014

One of my gym clients posted this in Facebook. The Dalai Lama genuinely understands our predicament. I simply could not argue against whatever he says. I hope it throws some light for you to ponder about his statement. It requires introspection; otherwise, the deeper meaning the statement project can be easily brushed aside.

On a similar note, yesterday evening I was listening to the radio. A legal expert opined that the incidence of divorce has magnified. He stated several reasons. He further elaborated his point of view stating that in the present lifestyle people are giving utmost importance to career than their lives. They earn huge chunks of money and become self-important. It invariably means that the spouse loses the importance that has to be provided. There is no harmony among partners. A huge void dwells in their lives.

Moreover, as the 6th sentence of the quotation says, don’t think that you can buy health by consuming various medicines. Of course, you can be cured of many diseases by medical intervention. The quality of life, however, is questioned. You cannot boast to possess good health and at the same time be marred by diseases.

Forgive me if you feel I have digressed from the topic of discussion, but I haven’t. I believe, for you to enjoy better health it is crucial to be in good relationship with your near and dear ones. Good health and better relationship both go hand in hand. I presume that you cannot be in a bad relationship and think about being healthy.
The dalai lama

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