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Writing Your Diet Schedule

Most of you are mindless about the diet we consume. All the while you would have blindly adhered to what your mother told. I am not complaining against the ancestral wisdom that your mother is imposing on you. However, I am concerned about the timing. Perhaps, I would have agreed if your mother insisted the same a few decades ago, but now it is a different story—we consume excessive calories.

Most of them realize their diet faultiness when asked to jot. The primary reason for me to always demand my gym clients to write is because it prods them to introspect. A client of mine to whom I had asked to handwrite his diet schedule said, “I am trying to write from a few days, but it is becoming difficult. It has made me to think.”

Writing on paper, I mean the ink spilling on the paper and the gap between your thought and your writing demands you to speculate. Writing on paper has more value than typing an email. In Writing down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg, the author, says, “Handwriting is more connected to the movement of the heart.” Communicate on paper: you might understand your diet thoughtlessness.

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