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You Reap What You Sow.

Before dreaming big please show some consistency when you join a gym. I am annoyed when people state what they want to achieve at a very short period. Okay, you want to achieve you goals, but at the same time are you ready to sacrifice what is needed to achieve your goal? I as a coach can help you with your workout which will last not even an hour, and in addition I can tell you how to eat appropriately so that you recover and recuperate well, but the remaining 23 hours which you spend outside the gym has to be spent productively for you to foster fat loss, gain muscle, get fit, or gain strength. You have to treat your gym coach as a mere sign post, nothing more. It is you who has to toil. It is you who has to grill your body and sculpt it. Nothing can be achieved with in a short span. You will have to work hard to witness results. You have to learn to perform the movement in the right way and then go ahead and lift heavy weights, which is going to take a lot of time. You will have no regrets, whatsoever. For it is your health you are claiming. You will have supreme health and at the same time have a fit, buffed, and strong body. It requires time, but it is never late to start and moreover you will continue to benefit from it for a lifetime if you stick to it. So, don’t be lazy, and as soon as you get married, reach 30 or 40 years of age, or suffer from diabetes don’t stop lifting weights and start to just do some kind of leisurely exercise such as walking, and treat walking to be the be all and end all to achieve overall fitness. Walking as an exercise is for people with serious health ailments who cannot afford to do anything else other than walking to keep them fit and mobile. I truly don’t know from where on earth came the idea that walking is the best exercise? If at all you would want to consider walking as an exercise you will have to do it for a very long duration, or do it uphill, or with weights to produce any results, but very soon you will see that your results will stall, which means that if you think that you can lose oodles of fat by walking alone you will stop losing fat after a short while. This happens because your body very soon adapts to the exercise performed and will always try to  perform the movement in a very efficient way, which would result in lesser calories burnt. Remember, lesser the calories burnt lesser the fat lost. So, walking for an hour or so everyday would not fit the bill to achieve the desired result. You will have to force your body to produce results. You have to come out of the comfort zone.
What do we do to overcome adaptation in the gym? We try to lift more weights, change the order of the exercise, change the apparatus but perform the same movement, or change the exercise, etc. By constantly changing the above listed components, we never allow the body to adapt. Remember you will reap what you sow.

PS: Walking when coupled with any other form of rigorous exercise like lifting weights, yoga, an hour’s play of football, badminton, and basketball will be beneficial. But not when treated as the only means to get fit and healthy.

2 thoughts on “You Reap What You Sow.

  1. A lot things just made more sense.

    -Walking..!! Sigh.. I don’t know when I will succedd in diluting the “WALKING – THE PANACEA TO ALL AILMENTS” myth amongst my very own elders.. I wish they read what is written above with belief
    – I used to wonder why you used make us workout for Biceps and Triceps with different equipments every now then but never asked you though.

    Thanks again for all the knowledge sharing..!!

    1. Yeah, I want to try best in removing the myth on walking being treated as the be all and end all means to be healthy. The myth will never die. But let us try our best.

      I recently came to known that power lifting legend Louie Simmons follows a similar protocol. He rotates between exercises, for he suggests that playing around with the movements will not stall the progress of the athlete, for he will continue to adapt because of the change.

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