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You Will Thank Me For This.

The women in the video is Heather Dorniden.   I believe she is running a 1500 meters event in this video.   You will be astonished after you view the video, for a true undying champ is in action.

There are plenty of such inspiring stories which we have come across.   We have to take cue from such miraculous stories and move ahead.  It is very easy to give up, and by doing so we are not serving any good on ourselves.  The fact is that by denying the opportunities we are doing more harm to ourselves.  Each time an opportunity is given we should be able to recognize it and grab it with both the hands, for, it perhaps is the last chance.

Since today is a Friday we hit the ground to perform some serious sprinting, and I thought this particular video, which showcases running would provide us a great deal of inspiration.

PS:  Thanks to Ross for posting the video in his blog.

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  1. sprinting is always good,its always better to be atlete with slim fit,strong rather than obese sir.thanks,after seeing this even we should gear up.

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