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You wanna Lose Weight—Eat Protein

My spouse started to work out in the gym from 4 months—I say better late than never. She now seems to understand that both exercising and eating clean go hand in hand. I have reiterated many times that you will mindfully want to eat clean when you start working out especially in a gym. Gym is a place where several things are questioned by turning on your inquisitive mind. For example, you ask, “how long can you work out?” “How frequently can you exercise?” “What is protein?” “What does protein do?” etc.

When you seriously approach exercising as a daily chore you invariably want to eat clean food. Inherently you know that you are supposed to avoid junk food and not gorge food in excess. You question your habits; you become self-critical.

Also, earlier, my wife didn’t understand that preparing proteinaceous food is essential for a fitness enthusiast–me. Protein assists in building and maintaining muscle mass and keeping fat at bay. Yes, protein is a double edged sword, which can build muscle and burn fat at the same time. No other food can achieve this integral component that can help in managing your weight.

Now, since my spouse understands the importance of consuming protein, she also concluded that eating protein aids in curbing the appetite. I believe if you are able to manage your hunger, you likely win the weight loss battle. Ha! Now, when I ask my wife to cook some protein it doesn’t irk her, for she realizes its immense importance.

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  1. gud ne but if you add explaination scientifically how protein improves the metabolism rate & wat are the other sources of food apart from egg white & brown rice will help!!:-)

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