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Zigzag Method–An Effective One

I first stumbled upon the zigzag dieting method when I passed out my Certified Fitness Trainer exam from International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) in 2003.  However, I could practically apply it when I competed for the first time in a bodybuilding competition in 2005.  Nonetheless, when I read it for the first time I couldn’t believe that the zigzag would burn fat crazily.  Similarly, when I was competing in bodybuilding, I would several times reach a plateau and losing fat would become very difficult.  During those times the zigzag method helped me tremendously in burning the last few pounds of stubborn fat.

On a similar note, I have used the same method with several gym clients of mine who were stuck in a rut.  Those who could execute the method strictly have had very good results.  One of my gym clients who were supposed to compete in a bodybuilding competition had plateaued miserably.  However, when I explained to him about this dieting method he couldn’t believe me, for you are supposed to eat more food/ calories on certain days.  On the flipside, while you are burning fat you will invariably eat less, but here you act on the contrary. Nonetheless, he had no other option and had a free day in the weekend.  He was beaming with a huge smile on Monday when he met me at the gym.  He couldn’t believe himself when he saw that he was more shredded than ever.

On a similar note, as I have been a voracious reader I am now reading a book titled Fat loss happens on Monday by Josh and Dan John.  As you all know that Dan john is a fabulous strength coach and I have been a great admirer of his work.  You will believe me if you read his book Never Let Go—a master piece.  Now coming back to the book Fat loss happens on Mondays, the minute I knew that Dan john had coauthored this book I bought it in a kindle version, for it was much cheaper.  Here in the book I see that Josh also makes several references to the zigzag method and claims it to be an effective method to lose fat.

Since I had read about zigzag method back in 2003 I thought that this procedure would be outdated.  However, now I see that this method has stood the test the time.  It continues to rock.  Moreover, I believe it continues to be effective, for it is backed by science and commonsense.

What is zigzag method?

To be continued…………………….

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